Residential Services

Residential / Home-Business Service Agreement

Are error screens flashing all across your monitor? Is your computer so loaded with viruses that you want to take it to the doctor? Is your technology so full of bugs that you want to use a can of insecticide on it and pray it will turn on? If that is the case, then DINVENTO can help you.

Our company isn’t just about helping you when things are going wrong.  DINVENTO subscribers can be assured that we won’t just help you repair your computer. We’ll also take preventative measures, and perform maintenance so when your technology is running well that it stays that way.

We strongly believe in preventative measures and ongoing support, to reduce the need for repairs and damage control.

For total peace of mind, homes can sign up for a service plan. DINVENTO’s service agreements means you’ll enjoy tech support and advice whenever you need it, no matter how big or small the issue.

DINVENTO is a company that provides you with both savings and quality service. With our prices you can save enough money to afford upgrades or buy new gadgets as opposed to spending money on repairs.

DINVENTO means quality service and it also means a fast running computer. We squash bugs, cure viruses, and make sure that those nasty nuisances don’t come back.

For homes and home-based businesses wanting to get the most out of technology, at the most affordable price… look no further! Here’s what you get:

  • Unlimited* phone, email and remote support.
  • Proactive system monitoring (alert to potential problems before they happen).
  • Windows updates.
  • Software installation/removal & troubleshooting.
  • PC & networking support.
  • Data backup & recovery.
  • Virus & spyware removal (must have valid internet security subscription).
  • Email setup and troubleshooting.
  • Printer installation and troubleshooting.
  • Troubleshooting assistance for all computer hardware and software installation issues.

What’s more, thanks to the cost savings below – you’ll save money which you can rather spend on your gadgets! That’s what Dinvento is all about –helping you get the most out of your technology

Subscription Fees:

  • 1 Year    –  $499.80 (25% Off regular price $588)
  • 6 Month –  $249.90 (15% Off regular price $294)
  • 3 Month –   $124.95  (15% Off regular price $147)
  • 1 Month –   $39.00 per computer
  • $120/month for five computers.